Red Knight A Knight Without A Sword Volume One


He's Todd McClain. A young man who wished was to be a super hero. He would gaze skyward and wonder if he'd ever join the ranks of his childhood heroes. After surviving an evil criminal experiment, he gained super strength, but the country had changed as well. Being a hero is illegal without a license and only a select few are allowed to wear the cape. After a disastrous debut, he finds himself the target of the police and the mob.

Martha Brown is a Norfolk Police Detective, part of a division called Super Human Crimes Unit. It's her job to not only arrest super villains, but unlicensed vigilantes...people like Red Knight.

See where it all started in this exciting all new 110-page trade paperback collecting Red Knight #1-3, A Knight Without A Sword! This collection includes two short stories and a ton of pin ups.

Artist: JC Grande
Letterer and Editor: Lindsay Cristelli (Krampus In The Corner)
Editor: Alex Breen
Colorist: Forester Randlett
Artist: Shiloh Penfield
Artist: James Harmon

The Struggle
Writer: Justin Cristelli
Artist: James Harmon
Colorist/Letterer: Forester Randlett

It's Never Too Late
Writer: Alex Breen
Artist: Katarina Kemmerling
Inker: Hannu Kesola
Letterer: Zakk Saam

Pin Up Artists:
JC Grande
Shiloh Penfield
James Harmon
Jeff Hewitt