Red Knight #5


Me Madman, You Sane
A former A-List super villain, Dr. Sci-Fi has started a car thief ring in Norfolk. Me They're been stealing cars and turning into transforming robots. Why? Only the mad scientist knows for sure. It's up to Red Knight and Detective Martha Brown to stop him. Meanwhile, one of the waitresses at McClain's Bar might be stealing from the other wait staff. Also, there's the latest chapter from The Hero's Century. This month, Honeycut's origin is explored.

Written by Justin Cristelli
Art by JC Grande
Color By Forester Randlett
Editor: Alex Breen, Lindsay Cristelli
Letterer: Lindsay Cristelli
Cover By JC Grande

Honeycut Origin Back Up
Written By Justin Cristelli
Art by James Harmon
Stand Comic Book Size
30 Pages